Welcome to Beaded Giraffe!

No matter what team you’re on—family, work, volunteer, sports or other—journey with
Beaded Giraffe to greater heights of relational living.

A group of moving giraffe is a “journey of giraffe.”
Beaded Giraffe enlightens each of us on our individual journey of life.
No matter where life leads, none of us make it alone!

Just as a giraffe’s spotted skin pattern acts like a finger print,
we each are unique—a separate & distinct “I”.
But we all rely on recognizable patterns of behavior
for accurate & far-reaching communication & connection
—within & between us.

Science reveals the critical role we play in
literally wiring each other’s brains from before birth,
through & for relationship.
From top to bottom, left to right, each brain area plays critical, but different roles.
Then the circuits need to be coordinated!

Not all of us developed extensive cross-wired brain networks in childhood.
Others may have damaged brain areas along our life’s journey.
For all of us, life requires wiring & rewiring our brains to truly soar!

Beaded Giraffe celebrates the relational aspect of life.
Journey together to build up you & me, through we!

Our focus is recognizing, developing & celebrating
human connection,
reciprocal relationship,
teamwork &
whole-hearted living.

We challenge me, myself & I
through you, me & we.

Only seven percent of communication is through words.
Ninety-three percent of communication is non-verbal, including:
facial expression (especially eyes),
tone of voice,
body language,
emotion &
emotional self-regulation (or not).

Unfortunately, not everyone can read, or even tolerate, non-verbal communication.
Some tones of voice can trigger fight, flight or freeze responses for some people.

Beaded Giraffe learned about relationships “between a rock & hard place.”
That’s where “beaded” jewelry started—as a coping mechanism during very difficult times.

Diamonds form naturally from very high temperatures & pressures.

Beaded Giraffe’s taller relational perspective is the diamond which continues to form
from a lifetime of human relationships featuring one-way “me, myself & I” encounters.
These lopsided interactions repeatedly trigger difficult responses,
now recognized as normal human response to deep, dark shame.

Beaded Giraffe’s story is built on a lifetime of
repeated patterns of behavior observed, experienced & finally recognized.

A decade of reading neuroscience followed.
Again & again, as repeated patterns of behavior were recognized, findings from the 1990’s
decade of the brain would “appear,” to help unravel & understand the observations.
Reciprocal relationships & conversations with others of similar experience further
refined the insights & heights of learning.

We can’t help but share our stories!
Actually, quality personal narratives are a sign of good neural integration!

Picture a group of giraffe bent over a cool pool of water with their long legs outstretched,
forming a secure base for their long necks & top-heavy bodies,
all to get a refreshing drink.
It takes balance, neuromuscular & cardiovascular function to get down & back up.

Beaded Giraffe is moving from its pool of learning to stand up & expand its journey with
others. Once our legs are back under us,
Beaded Giraffe Blog will share more relational stories, science, books & inspiration.

Come, learn with us, be a Giraffe!

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